Blank Canvas: How to Make Your Own Patched Jacket

October 9, 2017 Comments Off on Blank Canvas: How to Make Your Own Patched Jacket

In the past few years, there has been a major resurgence of patches as decor in the fashion world. When done right, this style can be super alluring, adding a vintage aspect to any item of clothing or accessory. My favorite jacket with patches is a vintage one my dad wore in high school, and it will remain my favorite probably until the day I die. However, I’ve been collecting my own patches the past few years and it recently got to the point where they all needed a home. I bought a vintage denim jacket for $10 and got to work! Scroll for my results and some tips on how to make your own!

It adds a really vintage feel to really any look. Here I paired it with a super simple circle dress and a vintage crop sweater. Some suede chelsea boots pull the whole look together. Here are my tips for achieving a similar look for your own personal jacket:

  1. Find a jacket that’s already broken in. In today’s world, people don’t wear their clothes long enough to really break them in. Find a denim jacket that’s already broken in for you. Hit up your local GoodWill, consignment shop, or vintage store. It’s also best that the jacket be 100% cotton. Non-stretch denim jacket tend to look more authentic and age better.
  2. Scour online for patches. While there are great patch options in stores all around you, it’s much easier to find a patch that really fits you and your personality online. Shops like Etsy, Stay Home Club, and even Madewell have great patch options.
  3. Collect patches when you travel. This is really great way to personalize a jacket! A lot of tourist shops have at least one patch!
  4. Step outside of the patch box. You don’t have to only attach patches to your jacket! The biggest piece of decor on my new jacket is actually part of a tote bag. I cut out the image that I liked and just stitched it on.
  5. Don’t do it all at once.  It can take time to find patches that you truly connect with! You can find and attach a patch here and there, taking your time along the way. It doesn’t have to happen immediately. Ultimately it will be more authentic and authentically YOU if you really put time and effort into it.

So there you have it! An easy guide for building your own patched jacket. Here’s a Pinterest board to inspire you in terms of patch placement, denim washes, and even other places you might want to put patches (hello, old leather purse at the bottom of my closet!).

On me:

Jacket: vintage.

Dress: vintage, similar here.

Sweater: vintage, similar here.

Boots: Madewell, here.

Bag: Madewell, here.


Anna Wade