Concrete Beach

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Growing up landlocked in Indiana with just that little sliver of Lake Michigan four hours away, I’ve never been much of a beach girl. I’m an explorer, if I go on vacation I want to go to museums, see architecture, and sip coffees at cute cafes. Safe to say I’ve never been much of a beach girl, I get bored sitting all day long (no amount of podcasts, books, music, or sketching can save me from this boredom). That being said, as I’ve gotten older I’ve started to crave that type of relaxation. I think I could take a beach day once or twice a month and be happy. YET. Here I am in Paris, a city whose only water attraction in a grimy river that’s fun to sit by but gnarly to think of going for a dip in. The only solution is to dress like you’re going to the beach, because sometimes clothing can put you in a state of mind, a sartorial form of escapism if you will. That being said, don’t wear your bikini to the grocery. That might be taking it a tad too far. Scroll for outfit details!


On me:

Dress: vintage, love this option here

Jacket: Sezane, here

Basket: found at street market, similar here

Sandals: handmade in Greece, obsessed with these onesΒ here

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