Dream of the Nineties

September 19, 2017 Comments Off on Dream of the Nineties

Finding the nineties dress of your dreams.

Has anyone ever seen Portlandia? In the first few episodes of the series, there’s a song called “Dream of the Nineties” where they insinuate that Portland as a hipster whole still maintains the spirit of the 1990s. There are many things I am glad we left in that decade, but the fashion is not one of them. The minimalism, grunge, and skate styles happen to be some of my favorites to draw from in my style and design.

While in Nashville, I happened upon a vintage store (recommended by NastyGal, even better!) called GoodBuy Girls. They have a great selection of dresses, tops, jackets, and of course cowgirl boots. I scored this little nineties number at a great price, thinking I would style it with sandals in the summer and tights and Docs for winter. Thus far, it has served me well and I’m sure it will become a go-to. Read through to find how to get one of your own!


On me:

Dress: Vintage, similar here. I would recommend looking on Etsy and Ebay for some good options. Start by entering your size, then continue to narrow the choices based on style and patterns.

Sandals: Birkenstock, similar here

Backpack: Madewell, full size version here


September 25, 2017

Anna Wade