Golden Hour

April 30, 2018 Comments Off on Golden Hour

Went thrift store hopping a few weeks ago on the other side of the river. There’s a whole street full of about 5 different versions of the same consignment shop, called “Chercheminippes”. Not entirely sure what that means, but it’s so possible to spend an afternoon getting lost in this place. We took these photos after visiting each version of the store, by that time it was golden hour which never hurts a photoshoot. I went comfy for a day that was spent running from quartier to quartier, shop to shop…my steps app later told me I walked 20k steps that day, and that was all shopping! OOPS. Scroll for details!


On me:

Jacket: Sezane, here

Jeans: Levi’s 501S, here

T-Shirt: Madewell, here

Booties: Frye, here

Purse: Sezane, here

Anna Wade