Playing at Preppy

December 11, 2017 Comments Off on Playing at Preppy

One of the things I love the most about clothing is its performative nature. With certain pieces of clothing come certain associations, subcultures, even stereotypes. I’m not sure what category I really fit into in terms of style, but if I were to describe it I might go with “denim hobo” or “let’s see how many times I can wear the same slightly varied thing while still looking presentable”. While I have been rather adventurous in my style choices throughout the years, I have never EVER been able to go full prep. A Polo button down and a pair of khakis here and there, the former usually paired with jeans and the latter probably ripped….

I found this little dress at my favorite vintage store here in Paris for a steal, and automatically thought that it needed to be styled classily. So, here we have my version of preppy, although according to my many East-coast friends, this barely even scratches the surface. I paired the dress with a fabulous wool silk sweater, some tights, and some booties. My trench was included in the ensemble but it was really not working for the photos! Do me a solid and just pretend it’s there, cool?

How about you? Can you manifest a whole Vineyard Vines outfit in a matter of seconds or are you just as prep-challenged as I am? Scroll for outfit details!


On me:

Dress: vintage, similar here and here

Sweater: Massimo Dutti, here

Boots: Madewell, here

Purse: Madewell, here

Trench: Zara (old), similar here

December 4, 2017

Anna Wade