The Fancy Overall

November 8, 2017 1 Comments

Ahhh, the overall. Long associated with the western US and consistently constructed of denim, it was only a matter of time before the fashion industry grabbed ahold of it. I’ve been an overall advocate since I was a wee one, there’s one photo of lil me wearing some Osh Kosh B-Gosh denim overalls with some little tiny purple Docs. It’s incredibly 90s and chic, so thanks Mom and Dad.

I lost track of my love of overalls for about a 12 year period there, these were the dark years. In this time my wardrobe was dictated by a school uniform. My closet was full of blue, red, and green polos, ill-fitting khakis, and the occasional pleated plaid skirt. I often had only one pair of jeans at a time. I KNOW.

With high school came many types of new freedom, but the most important to me was the sartorial freedom. No more uniform! I bought a jean skirt from Old Navy, two lace appliquΓ©d t-shirts from Rue21 (one of which wasn’t cut on the straight grain), and a pair of incredibly cheap flat sandals from Payless. While a year later those things no longer held any interest, I continued to build my closet and develop my personal style. With the purchase of a pair of black 7 For All Mankind jeans at a Nordstrom Rack the summer of sophomore year, I was hooked on denim.

There’s something magical about a pair of jeans that doesn’t have stretch. They mold to your body more authentically and age more convincingly. The next logical step in a love of denim is to put MORE of it on your body in one outfit. ENTER: the overall. It covers darn near your entire body in denim, a sartorial win. I bought these at Madewell at the end of the summer and have been counting down the days to colder temperatures so I could finally wear them.

Let me tell you, these things fit like a glove. I attempted sizing up because I typically like a looser fit, but they just looked bad. These are meant to be skinny skinny, and it turns out that the skinny fit of these makes me feel like 3 whole million dollars.

I styled them with a turtleneck to combat the London chill, which I think created a slightly nerdy but nonetheless cute look.

I topped off this look with a cropped leather jacket, some booties, and of course my usual jewelry. I was also wearing my glasses today, which I really think completed the look.


On me:

Overalls: Madewell, here

Boots: Madewell, here

Turtleneck: Zara Kids (no shame), similar here

Jacket: vintage, similar here

Backpack: Madewell, here


Anna Wade

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  1. Liz Ryan

    November 10, 2017

    Working them Edna Mode glasses

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