Christmas in Indy

They say you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone. I wasn’t really convinced of the positive aspects of my hometown until I left. While in Florence I started to miss the gridded streets (easy to navigate and IN A CAR), the endless array of food to choose from (Yats holds a special place in my heart), and most of all my family. While I wasn’t originally planning to come home for the holidays, I decided my Christmas gift would be just that. I arrived in Indy late one Saturday night eager for whatever the next seven weeks would hold.

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. Most people would think that this is because of presents, and while those play a factor, it’s mostly just the fact that I get to be around all of the people that I love the most. So so so incredibly happy I got to spend my eve with all of them.

Can you tell that my cousin was exceptionally excited for Star Wars?
The legendary McLaughlin Christmas village.
Pop and Gramps.
Kate started the evening with shots…of Coca-Cola.
Pop and BonusMom.
Ya can pick yer nose but ya can’t pick yer cuzins.
Things quickly fell apart.
The McLaughlin Clan, with a few lovely people absent.
My Grandpa, the best and most precious human ever.
Famiglia Family Familia.

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