Let’s talk about jewelry. I’ve always been into it. As a kid I was just like any other little girl, fascinated by all things sparkly and shiny. Jewelry is the most obviously sparkly and shiny thing that I was drawn to, because it’s totally appropriate to wear all that good stuff on a daily basis.

There have been phases in my bejeweled life. It all began with the princess phase, complete with a fake crown and a VERY faux plastic diamond ring. I think it was pink. Then there was the YMCA camp phase, which included a lot of friendships bracelets made of string or plastic rope. After that, the costume jewelry phase, which included a lot of stuff found in my grandma’s attic.

At some point I fell out of love, probably just because I was more concentrated on shoes and other items. I only recently rediscovered jewelry, probably at my grandmother’s jewelry party. After she passed, we all gathered to choose some of our favorite pieces to be able to keep. In a room filled with around 15 people, we must have gone around about 5 times, that’s how much jewelry there was.

So, recently I’ve been trying to find more jewelry that I can wear every day. One of my favorite designers as always been Mr. Kate, because her stuff is always fun and whimsical. Most days I wear some of her things as well as some of my own personal necklaces.

The jalapeño

This charm was my grandmas. I had it for about a year before I put it on a chain, and I’m glad I did. It’s so fun and whimsical. At first I did think it was a jalapeño, but it turns out it’s an Italian good luck horn, which is funny because we’re Irish and Scottish. I like to mix gold and silver a lot, because it’s too difficult to stick to one or the other. This chain I found at Silver in the City in Indy is both silver and gold so it works out great.

A circle of stars

This one is by Mr. Kate. She totally rocked the whole celestial thing, this necklace is so easy to wear in lots of different situations.

The Florentine flour-de-lis

This one was found in Florence in a little jewelry shop near the Ponte Vecchio. It’s both silver and gold which makes me like it even more.

Mr. Kate, phases of the moon

This final necklace is also by Mr. Kate. It has the phases of the moon, which I love. Like most of her other stuff, it’s creative and different but also incredibly versatile.

So! I’m slowly getting used to wearing jewelry again as more of an everyday thing, but hopefully it’ll get more simple. Right now my first instinct is to just pile them all on top of each other and call it a neck party.


But I’ll get it. Just give it time.


Featured items here:

Star necklace – here

Phases of the moon necklace – here

(TIP: Mr. Kate always has fabulous sales around holidays, wait until then to really score some good stuff!)

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