Blue Jean Baby at Wrecks Inc.

It is absolutely no secret that I love denim. It all started when I first began sewing. In 6th grade I used to watch a podcast called ThreadBanger. Their creative and quirky videos were something that I could watch for hours at a time on my 10 pound Toshiba laptop. I would start a video, find the supplies needed, and follow along until I made the magical DIY thing that they were helping me to make. One episode featured a woman who had written a book about making clothing from old t-shirts. It was perfect for me, because if I had a surplus of anything it was definitely t-shirts. I taught myself how to sew by hand, bought her book, and spent a whole summer on my bedroom floor making everything from skirts to bikinis out of my own t-shirts and the ones I bought from Goodwill.

As my sewing skills progressed, I began using a machine and all that good stuff. I wanted to move on from t-shirts as my only fabric but there were some issues. First, I didn’t have money to buy fabric. And second, even if I could afford fabric, I didn’t have any way to get to the fabric store. So, I found a bunch of old clothes at my grandma’s barn and decided to rework those. What my grandma had in the barn was mostly denim, and so began my love affair with denim.

For me, denim is the ultimate fabric. From the sewing perspective, it is an absolute dream to work with. It has such great structure which I love because I love making things with strong lines. From the wearing perspective, it is the ultimate neutral. Everything goes with jeans. AND they look great.

Point is: denim is great. SO as a result I wear it all over all the time. Everything I’m wearing here is by Madewell. I like to think of this as a three piece denim suit.
















Vest: similar here

Chambray Shirt: here

Jeans: here

As a side note, I just want to thank everyone who reads this blog for continuing to come back. This week I hit 1000 visitors, which means that over the lifetime of this blog it has been visited by 1000 different people. That’s crazy to me. It means the world, so thank you.


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