Always Hungry: Porter Books and Bread

Spent a lovely afternoon with a great friend at Porter Books and Bread a couple of weeks ago. The east side usually feels like a different world to me, so Porter Books and Bread was a completely new place for me. When I first pulled into the parking lot I was convinced I had the wrong place. An empty-looking series of industrial looking warehouse buildings it not where I expected to be eating lunch.


Turns out that it was the right place. There’s an entrance next to the open sign, but the direct entrance to the restaurant itself is to the left and down a staircase.


One quarter coffee house, one quarter restaurant, one quarter bakery, and one quarter library, this place has a really cool vibe.


I ordered a sandwich with a side of their sweet and spicy chips. It was amazing. The chips were so perfectly seasoned and tasted so so fresh. The sandwich had a really mild goat cheese, turkey, onions, and all kinds of other good stuff.








I totally totally totally recommend this place. So good, so relaxed, and so unique. I can’t wait to go back. Thanks to Valeria for the recommendation and awesome company!


All photos by me.


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