Style Profile: Martha Martha Marthaaa

My grandma Martha has always been this sort of wonderful mythical character to me. I wasn’t lucky enough to get to know her, but that hasn’t stopped me from being very influenced by her. When I was growing up I would hear stories about her, and I was often told that I looked like her or that we had similar mannerisms. Because what I know about her is either relayed to me or seen in pictures, I have a particular fascination with her style. Because of that I decided to do a style profile on her.

People who knew my grandma always described her as being funny, smart, witty, and just a good person to be around. It’s easy to see why.

Martha McLaughlin - All My Love - Marty

Dale and Martha Wedding #2

Martha in red dress

The above is probably my favorite picture of her. The neckline is beautiful and I love how the red is picked up again in her lipstick and even in her glass.

Martha in blue dress with apron

Looking at the pictures I have, the thing that I like the most is her transition. It’s awesome to see her style evolution through the years and decades. She went from the fifties to the sixties to the seventies pretty much seamlessly.

Martha under Christmas tree cropped

Summer 1959 - Martha McLaughlin, Grandma Mac and Jane

Summer 1959 Martha and Dale McLaughlin

She and my grandpa were the absolute cutest thing EVER.

Summer 1959 - Dale and Martha in boat

When they had kids (hi Dad!) it seems like she brought her sense of style and her lifestyle to them.

Easter 1963 Mom Jane Sally Dan

Lake Wawasee 1970 Martha

That bathing suit is to die for.

Donny Osmond give autograph to McLaughlins

Casually meeting Donny Osmond at Disney Land in California.

Disney Land with Mickey Mom and 5 kids

Those glasses and that shirt are just so authentically seventies. I love the way she pairs it all with a chignon.

Mom in big glasses

The hair scarf here is so well wrapped and the colors work so well with her oversized glasses. Not Jackie O, Martha Wade!

Mom and Dad in backyard

Martha and Cecil Enroute Lake Wawasee 1962

Martha - New York - ROckefellar Center - March 1978

She was little, just like me. I think she embraced being petite instead of working against it. She really wore everything that she had in a special way.

My grandma Martha was a special person. While it stinks that I never got to meet her, I still try to live my life in a way that I think that she would be proud of.

4 thoughts on “Style Profile: Martha Martha Marthaaa

  1. So beautiful–like a walk through parts of her life. Thanks for the tribute. She was lovely in numerous ways: intelligence, style, poise, and my favorite, wit.

    Liked by 1 person

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