The Coral Castle

Spent a couple of days wandering around Miami and surrounding areas last weekend. One of my close friends secured an internship at the Everglades National Park and needed someone to help her drive down to Florida. I volunteered (woe is me).


These photos were taken at the “Coral Castle”. The entire place was built by one man, a Latvian immigrant named Edward, in the 1900s. He moved to America after his fiancé broke his heart, then built this castle for her in the hopes that maybe someday she would have a change of heart and join him in his new country. It was a super fun place to shoot!



We spent the morning in South Beach and in the art deco district. Stumbled across a Levi’s store with a “60% off everything” sign. I was skeptical at first, everything never seems to mean everything. But! Turns out the store was closing and they really were liquidating everything. Truly a denim day.



FINALLY found classic 501 jeans that actually FIT me. I got thighs and some butt but a small waist. This means that jeans are tricky, especially a straight cut jean like the 501.



Livin’ the American dream is truly as simple as Levi’s.


My little tiny backpack is the Fjallraven Kanken. I call it my adventure backpack. It fits a full DSLR, iPad Mini, phone and external charger (necessity), wallet, and all kinds of other good things.


I also found a truly perfect trucker jacket at the store. In total, I think I spent about $50 for 3 pieces. It was a steal.



Neutral but fun Vans in a perfect list pink hue. The gold zipper on the side just adds to the simplicity.



T-shirt – Levi’s, muscle version here

Jeans – Levi’s, here

Jacket – Levi’s, here

Shoes – Vans, here (their suggestion of ordering 1.5 sizes smaller than your normal size is pretty spot on. I wear a 7 and ended up getting a 6)

Scarf – vintage, living for this vintage Dior one here

Backpack – Fjallraven, here (these go on sale frequently, wait if you can!)

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