Road Trip: Miami

As a kid, driving to Florida always felt like the biggest pain in the butt. There weren’t enough distractions or activities to keep me busy for the 12-18 hour trek. As I grew older it didn’t get any shorter but it started to feel shorter, but I was still just a passenger. When my best friend and I decided to drive to Florida to get her to her internship, we were the drivers now.


I had generally unrealistic expectations for a road trip, mostly because when I think road trip I think wild west, deserts, historic motels, and vintage cars. Instead we experienced the flatness of Indiana, Georgia, and Florida, many high rise chain hotels, and an early 2010s Toyota Corolla. Close enough?


Even though the journey itself offered few photo opportunities, it was still lots o fun and TONS easier than we expected it to be.


We made a couple of stops along the way, including United Apparel Liquidators in Nashville (pictures to come!) which was clearly my choice and a sinkhole in Florida which was clearly Monica’s idea.


We passed the time mostly listening to Dawes and a few choice Ryan Adams albums that really have some good road trip tunes and spent a lot of time with Netflix. I tried to get Monica to watch Bob’s Burgers (“This is dumb”) and we eventually settled on Psych.




After seeing about 21298 signs for peaches in Georgia we actually stopped and picked some up. They were fuzzy and juicy and GOOOD, but mostly it was just nice to not have to be in a car for a good 6 minutes.




Monica’s sinkhole adventure included seeing the sinkhole itself (and the stairs to get to it and the bugs that lived in it) and a nice lil picnic before we took off again. Like I said, this was much more up Monica’s alley.




No pictures of the sinkhole because it literally just looked like a round pond with moss on the surface. And one frog. Sorry, Monica.



After 18 hours and countless bathroom breaks, we finally made it to Miami on Friday night. We ate sandwiches and crashed. Check back Friday for the whole Miami recap!


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