Wandering around Wynwood in Miami is nothing short of magical. We went to visit the arts district on a Sunday morning, which meant that most galleries and shops were closed, but it ended up not being that big of a deal because in Wynwood half of the art is on the streets (or the walls). While there, we found the Wynwood Walls, a public outdoor art space. Basically, you wander through a maze of buildings whose outdoor walls have turned into the art space. This bright and colorful one was one of my favorites.



I’ve had this dress from H&M for about a year or so now and it’s probably one of the most versatile pieces in my closet. It’s tight but the added length in the bottom makes it feel more comfortable and classic.


Because this dress is so old and has been worn many many times, the bottom seam has begun to come undone. I would fix it, but sewing with jerseys and knits is such a pain that I don’t even want to attempt it.





Denim by Levi’s. You already know. The watch is Elephant and Castle while the bracelet is Bindy (?) acquired in the British Virgin Islands.



Adventure backpack from Fjallraven. Extra patches by Stay at Home Club. They add a certain amount of whimsy to anything.


THESE IRO SANDALS ARE MY LIFE. They’re so hardcore but so easy to wear at the same time. And the leather is soft and yummy. AND I found them at United Apparel Liquidators for about an eighth of the original price.


Dress – H&M, similar here

Jacket – Levi’s, here

Sandals – IRO, similar here

Backpack – Fjallraven, here

This post is dedicated to the pachyderm and puppy lover, Catie. I wish there were more puppies or pachyderms in this post, but it’s the best I could do.

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