Daughter of the Hum of the Highway

Although we stayed in a cabin in the Everglades while in Florida, I didn’t really take the time to see the park, mostly because it’s so insanely big and I had so little time there. We did, however, take the time to take some photos on the road to our little cabin.



I found the blouse and the purse at a vintage store in Key Largo called The Pink Junktique. I would highly recommend it if you’re ever in the area. The woman who helped me was incredibly nice, friendly, and helpful. In addition to that, they had a fabulous selection! This shirt is vintage See by Chloe, while the purse is also vintage from the late 60s. Tooled leather is such a dream.




Levi’s over all. You guys should know this by now. I’ll be quiet now.




And of course, Vans. If you were to ask me to choose one brand of sneakers, I am a vans girl through and through. These ones are great because they’re a classic silhouette with a trendier color and a fun added detail in the zipper.



The purse had been previously altered by one of the owners before me. They cut the strap shorter, making it into a shoulder bag as opposed to a cross-body bag. I find cross-bodies much easier to maneuver, so I attached a scarf until I can replace it with a new leather strap.


Thanks for reading!

Blouse – vintage See by Chloe, similar here

Jeans – Levi’s, here

Sneakers – Vans, here

Purse – vintage, similar here

Sunglasses – Ray-Ban, similar here

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