Indie Indy: Arts and Vintage Marketplace

Back in April (probably, I have no concept of time) my momma and I went to the Indy Arts and Vintage Showcase over at the fairgrounds on the hunt for anything fun. We surely found a lot, probably an overload. We spent about two hours wandering around the giant warehouse packed full of vendors and their goodies.




Sometimes I get grumpy at antique and vintage stores because I feel like some people have a really lose definition of vintage and that they tend to confuse the ideas of vintage vs. thrifted. I love a good mid 2000s crop top as much as the next girl, but if it wasn’t made between 1920 and 20 years ago then it’s not vintage. It it was made before the 1920s then it’s considered antique clothing. THE POINT IS that this place had things from all eras, but I really appreciated the fact that a lot of it actually WAS vintage.





There is absolutely nothing I love more than vintage sewing machines. This thing was made to last, but the thing I love most about it is the color. YES.



I think we need one of these big colorful postcard thingies for a wall in downtown Indy. That way people can stand in front of it when they visit (or just whenever they see it, which would be my plan).


Posing with my new friend Merlin, we really hit it off. Funny how he was able to make my money disappear among all of the vintage dresses! HA.




A lot of the clothes were giving me serious Kerry Tiedemann vibes, especially this flowered rain coat and the basket purses. Hey Kerris.




I cannot believe that I was a half size too big for these shoes. They were soooooo good.


Mclaughlin this way >>>>>>>.


We spent a lot of time looking at all of these vintage purses because my momma was absolutely in love with them.


She liked this one below especially. It had the coolest metal details as it was from the early 1900s (I think?).



Overall it was a super fun day and a really cool event! A lot of the vendors came from out of town which was super awesome because I tend to see a lot of the same stuff at vintage stores around Indy which kinda makes it hard to get excited or motivate me to go.

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