United Apparel Liquidators

United Apparel Liquidators have been on my radar ever since hearing about them in a blogger’s vlog a couple of years ago. They’re basically a clothing liquidation company with many different locations around the US where they sell designer clothing at very very very reduced prices. The store closest to me is in Nashville, so when we passed through on the way to Florida I begged Monica to let us stop by. She graciously agreed and I love her endlessly for that.



I was very obviously distracted so I failed to take more than a few photos, but the ones I did snap do a good job of illustrating what a hardcore shopper’s paradise this place is.


The shoe rack only has 1 or 2 of the same pairs and all in varying sizes. It’s a trip trying to find a pair that you like and that are in the right size. I ended up finding a pair of IRO sandals for more than 70% off.






The whole place has a kind of “hole in the wall” feel, but that is completely contrasted by the inside where there are just racks and racks of luscious and high end clothes to choose from. Below are some photos of the shoes I found. They are constructed of the most perfect luxurious leather and the buckles make them even more badass.



UAL can be found in Nashville, New Orleans, Austin, and a few other southern locations. They also have a small online store with some good finds that can be found here!

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