The Pinafore Dress

Ah yes, the pinafore dress. Something I wore as a child in the 90s is now back and relevant, yet again. This one I found about a year ago at Broad Ripple Vintage. Unfortunately, the zipper was broken so I asked if an additional discount could be given in order to make up for it. They agreed and I think I walked out only paying $5 total.



The top underneath is from Zara, Zara Kids to be exact. Yes, I buy Zara Kids. The childrens L and XL are like a women’s small and in most cases it really doesn’t make a difference. This top is generally just super easy to wear and put with anything.



My shoesies are the aforementioned Frye Brielle lace ups. I love them, so so so so SO much.





During the summer my makeup routine is really really minimal. That being said, my makeup routine is pretty much always very minimal. I learned early that I’m bad at makeup and that if you don’t put makeup on you don’t have to take it off. I choose more sleep over makeup any day. I do have an insane amount of respect for people who actually know what they’re doing with eyeliner though.







Bandanas have also become one of my favorite summer things. They worked tied in your hair as well as around the neck and even as a bracelet. Arm party!


This last photo is what happens if a cat walks by me while I’m shooting. It’s so not cute but the cat sure was.


Sandals – Frye, here

Dress – Vintage, similar here

Top – Zara, similar here

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