Always Hungry: Pizzology

It goes without saying that I’m picky about my pizza. After living in Italy I don’t think I can ever look at a piece of Papa John’s pizza again, let alone gas station pizza. The good news is that I can find something similar to what I was eating in Florence here in Indy.

I first went to Pizzology about 3 or 4 years ago in Carmel. I enjoyed it then but hadn’t been back since we moved away from Carmel. Then, it was announced that they were opening a branch down on Mass Ave. My sweet Momma and I visited it on a mother-daughter day a couple of weeks ago.


The great thing about Pizzology is that they not only offer good pizza but other good Italian fare as well, including risottos and pastas. While it might not be entirely authentic, the American fusion aspect wrks really well.



We shared breadsticks, some risotto, and a small pizza. My mom also had a small bowl of soup. It was such a windy and cold day so all of the warm and hearty food really hit the spot.








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