Currently Spinning #24: Ryan Adams

If you know me you know my favorite artist ever on the planet in the world forever and ever is Ryan Adams. It began when my dad put two of his albums on my iPod when I first got it in seventh grade. There were a couple of months where I was mesmerized by the Twilight soundtrack (but weren’t we all) but after I passed that phase I needed to find something new.

While scrolling through my Nano one day, I stumbled across a song called “Sylvia Plath”. I was of course, very confused, upon listening to this song where Adams dreams of being with the poet Sylvia Plath. Plath was a poet who led a troubled life and then ended up committing suicide by sticking her head in the oven while her kids slept in the adjacent room. Yeah.

SO of course I was intrigued. The first song I ever really fell in love with was called The Sun Also Sets. From then on, it snowballed. I got every single album, made sure I had listened to every song, and then kept the ones I wanted and discarded the ones I didn’t connect with.

And so here we have the beginner’s guide to Ryan Adams, an easy to use playlist with my favorites.

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