The Denim Varsity Jacket

One of my favorite pieces in my closet is a Levi’s trucker jacket from my dad’s high school days. My dad has been a cyclist for quite a long time, but in high school that wasn’t technically one of the sports offered by school. My dad continued to race, and even won a couple of races. He wanted to display his awesomeness but wasn’t able to get a varsity jacket because once again, not an official sport of the school. So, he went out and bought a denim jacket and started sewing his patches onto that instead. He wore it for quite a long time and it’s so well worn in and beautiful.





When I first got the jacket, it needed a little bit of help because of how much it had been loved. I had to fix up some of the seams and stop the further creation of some holes, but other than that the jacket has stood the test of time.

dsc_0446 dsc_0432

I styled it with a oversized shirt/dress thing from H&M, also seen here. This one has been heavy in the rotation for a bit now, but because it’s now in the laundry pile it might not be making an appearance for a hot second now.







We spent the day walking around Paris and chatting, meeting new people is one of my favorite things, it makes it even better when they’re the nicest people too.




On me:

Dress: H&M (old), similar here

Jacket: Vintage, similar here

Bag: Madewell, here

Shoes: Saucony x Madewell, similar here

Sunglasses: Sunski, similar here

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