True Life: I Became a Picnic Person

Spending the afternoon on a picnic at Sacré Coeur.
I feel like I should clarify, I’ve always liked picnics but by the time I make the food and drive to a place I’m usually over it. We had a picnic on the grassy hill in front of Sacre Coeur and it was fabulous. In terms of the clothes I put on ma body, I’m never not talking about my favorites Levi’s, which I didn’t acquire until this spring. I could never find any that worked with my smaller waist and bigger thighs. Hashtag normal shaped people problems. These are the perfect ones, ready to be dressed up, like here, or dress down, like in this here post RIGHT NOW!




For our picnic and fabric shopping I went for a tube top (it was hooooot) to contrast the relaxed silhouette of the jeans with a more controlled top.




Comfy shoes were a must for this day, as were sunglasses to protect my ojos. The bandana was just there because fun.








This Madewell bag has literally gone everywhere with me since I arrived in Paris. Easy to carry and incredibly roomy, yet not too big.

dsc_0559 dsc_0560


Life has started happening again now that I’m back in school, but my ultimate goal for my blog this school year is to do about 2 posts per week, one style and one other type of post. Bear with me, the first couple of days of classes have been non-stop and they’re constantly telling us that it only gets worse from here on. Regardless, I’m LOVING it so far. Peace out y’all.


On me:

Jeans: Levi’s, similar here

Top: Madewell, similar here

Shoes: Birkenstock, on sale here

Bag: Madewell, here

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