Always Hungry: Pain Pain

My favorite bakery in all of Paris happens to be just a five minute walk from my apartment.I stop by there every couple of days for a baguette, sometimes a pastry, and sometimes one of the great little cakes or desserts. They were voted best baguette in Paris in 2012, and they continue to uphold that legacy. While a friend was visiting last weekend, we grabbed one of their little lunch combos and headed out for a picnic near the Centre Pompidou.

dsc_0870 dsc_0867 dsc_0862 dsc_0861

The entire lunch was packed inside of an adorable box with a bunch of little boxes inside, it was adorable.


dsc_0349 dsc_0345

We chose a sandwich with a lemon marinated chicken, fresh cheese, and lettuce. It was the perfect combo.

dsc_0356 dsc_0355


The combo also comes with dessert, although we ended up getting two. I had a Zephyr while Liz chose a chocolate eclair.



We ended up going multiple times during the weekend, meaning lots more yummy desserts.



If you want yummy bread or sandwiches or pastries or cakes or coffee (pretty much anything) then you can check out Pain Pain, it’s definitely worth it!

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