Musee D’Orsay

When Liz and I get together there’s always at least one visit to an art museum.What do you expect from a design major and a conservation major? It goes unsaid that we love to visit them whenever and wherever we can. Since last September, we’ve seen major and minor works of art in Florence, Venice, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, and now Paris. Not a bad track record!

dsc_0791 dsc_0823 dsc_0800

The museum used to be an old train station so the architecture is insanely cool.

I loved that you could see the shadows of thinking of the artist in this one. It seems as if he thought about moving the original hand but then decided to keep it after all.

dsc_0830 dsc_0831

Finally got to see van Gogh’s room in person.
This Degas is absolutely mesmerizing, the beautifully attached fabric is so wonderfully aged.

dsc_0848 dsc_0926 dsc_0918 dsc_0917 dsc_0914 dsc_0887 dsc_0884 dsc_0876 dsc_0866 dsc_0861 dsc_0855 dsc_0854 dsc_0849

All pictures by me.

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