The Japanese Bomber

One of my favorite things about fashion is how it weaves itself into history.Obviously the best examples of this are vintage pieces that speak for the time periods in which they were new, shiny, and non-ironically relevant. As many of you know, I am a huge fan of vintage items and love mixing them with newer items in my closet. I found this silk bomber jacket in a little random vintage shop in Brussels. I picked it up for $20 and the rest is…history?







Anyway! The jacket itself is made of silk but has absolutely no indicators. No tags! No label! Nothing! I got curious about the history of these jackets and found a lil bit of info.






The jacket can be traced back to an American soldier who was stationed in Yokosuka, Japan during WWII. Essentially, when he discovered he was to be returning to the US, he had his army issued bomber jacket embroidered with symbols from the Japanese culture. He turned his utilitarian jacket into a souvenir. Other servicemen followed suit, and it soon became a trend. They were soon being made out of silk and other fabrics, and have recently come back into style.



I styled mine with a striped top to compliment the wrist and neck bands on the jacket. Then, I added some skinnies because they’re always the answer. I topped it off with a vintage belt from Replay, some Acne boots, and some Sunski sunglasses.









On me:

Jacket: Vintage, similar here

Shirt: Zara Kids, similar here

Jeans: Citizens of Humanity, similar here

Belt: Replay via vintage store, similar here

Shoes: Acne, similar here

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