Ciao ciao ciao 2017!So nice to see you! I had planned to blog during the holidays but when I actually got home I got so caught up in everything and everyone (and had a laptop in the Apple repair center) that I let it fall to the wayside. I ended up feeling so much better taking a break not only from school but also blogging. But! The vacation is over, so here’s to a new year full of blogging and lots and lots of photos.

The following outfit was shot a while back during a day of classes (as usual). I layered a bunch of jackets because I generally dislike the bulk of winter coats, so I try to avoid wearing them as much as possible.


dsc_0315 dsc_0310

My shirt is thrifted from Goodwill, a nice lil boatneck with black and white stripes is a necessity in my closet. My jeans are also vintage, with some alterations by me. As I’ve said previously,the 501 cut only sometime works on my body, mostly the newer CT cuts, but I still always look for the classics.


When I found these, they fit very nicely in the waist and thigh area but were way too long and way too wide. I opened the side seams using a seam ripped and then pinned them to be the correct width all the way down to the ankle. At that point I just sewed them back together with a simple stitch. So far they’ve worked out great, it’s nice to have a jean that has very little stretch as opposed to most modern denim.













On me:

Jacket: Zara (old), similar here

Shirt: Vintage, similar here (order a few sizes up for a looser fit)

Leather jacket: Vintage, similar here

Jeans: Vintage Levi’s, similar here

Shoes: Converse, here

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