Bruges is a little city about an hour outside of Brussels.After I ran out of things to do in Brussels, I took the tip from a friendly group of girls my age in my hostel and went to Bruges for a day. I boarded an early train and spent about 6 hours in the lovely little town. Enjoy the photos!

Train rides from Brussels to Bruges.
One of the first little buildings I came across on the walk from the train station to the city center.
Bruges is sometimes referred to as a “Venice of the North.”
On the outskirts of the town is a small beguinage that still houses nuns.
The sweet little road that led to the main square.
These little colorful buildings are a symbol of Bruges, found in the town square.
I decided to climb to the top of the Belfry to get a better view. My mom encouraged me to check it off my list as she had when she was in Bruges.
A view from the top.

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