A Visit to Hermes: Visual Diary

We were lucky enough to have a private visit to Hermes a few months back. And what an experience it was! I went into the visit knowing very little about the company as a whole, mostly just aware that the Birkin bag is easily the most sought after bag in the world.

Displays made of paper in the front windows.
Little Hermes trinkets shone through during the visit.

dsc_0447 dsc_0453

The interior of the building is decorated with giant wooden huts, each housing different things for sale. Hermes furniture, chess sets, and even nutcrackers find temporary homes in the huts while awaiting a sale.

dsc_0502 dsc_0503

The building itself used to be a swimming pool so the whole place has been repurposed into the store. The ground floor still has the tiling from the bottom of the pool, while the balconies all around are original as well. The historic aspect of this particular store has led to it being declared a historic landmark.

dsc_0504 dsc_0508 dsc_0510 dsc_0525 dsc_0527 dsc_0528

dsc_0530 dsc_0564 dsc_0574 dsc_0577 dsc_0585

My favorite part of this store is the area where they have one of a kind objects made from recycled leathers. Many of you know that the planet is very important to me, especially in a world where fashion is so horrible for the environment. Having an entire section of artists and artisans dedicated to using and creating pieces from scraps is awesome, it results in one of a kind pieces of art.

dsc_0591 dsc_0592 dsc_0599 dsc_0522

dsc_0491 dsc_0496


If you’re ever in Paris, this is the Rue de Sevres location. They welcome people who just want to look around, don’t feel any pressure to buy! The building itself is definitely worth a peek.

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