Doubling Up

Clothing is always more exciting when it has a story to tell. This leather coat just hopped off of a truck straight from the factory? Boring. That flowery dress was worn by your aunt in the 60s while she protested the Vietnam War? Exciting, tell me more more more.

One of my favorite pieces in my closet was my dad’s in high school. If I’ve told this one before and forgotten, continue scrolling for pretty pictures. ANYWAY. He put the patches from all of the bike races he competed in on the back of a Levi’s trucker jacket because he wasn’t technically allowed a varsity jacket as his sport wasn’t a school associated activity. In high school he also worked at a supermarket where one of his jobs was to stock the milk in the freezers. Obviously it was cold, so he wore the jacket. Because he was constantly dragging the sleeves over metal shelving it wore down the fabric, leaving artfully and authentically torn holes. He found it again a few years ago after I told him I was going to be Ryan Adams (NEW ALBUM FEB 17TH FRIENDS) for Halloween and that I was going to get a denim jacket and put patches all over it. A while after I’d mentioned that he brought me his old jacket so that I could channel Mr. Adams for all hallow’s eve and I’m not sure if I’ve ever loved an article of clothing more.

For this look I just doubled up on the denim with a pair of kick flares from Paige. I wore a lil Madewell tank underneath with some Adidas to cover my toesies. Scroll for more!


dsc_0164 dsc_0172


dsc_0193 dsc_0199

dsc_0180 dsc_0182











On me:

Jacket: Vintage, similar here

Jeans: Paige Denim, similar here

Shirt: Madewell, similar here

Sneakers: Adidas, similar here

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