Currently Spinning: Podcast Edition

True life: I’m addicted to Podcasts.

Five hour classes, walks to school, metro journeys, all of those things are mad infinitely better with one of three things: music, podcasts, or audiobooks. I talk a lot about music, or I guess I let the music talk for itself, but I thought I would talk about a few of my favorite podcasts this week. The topics range, but they’re all guaranteed entertainment.


Criminal is like a true crime narrative done interview style by host Phoebe Judge. It’s extremely entertaining, they’re all real stories being recounted by those who experienced them or were extremely close to the situation overall. Find them here.

You Must Remember This

This podcast recounts tales from Hollywood’s first century. Stories of classic film stars intersect with the political and social climates of the time, making for incredibly intricate stories. Check out last season, which tells the stories of those in Hollywood affected by the notorious Hollywood blacklist. Find them here.

Throwing Shade

A show where “femi-nasty” Erin Gibson and “homo-sensual” Bryan Safi talk about “all the issues pertaining to ladies and gays and treat them with much less respect than they deserve”.¬†They take current events in politics and pop culture and discuss them in a really fun way. Easy to listen to and laugh at, nuff said.

Fresh Air

Terry Gross is an icon. This video of her and Mike Birbiglia is a gem, as is her show with its broad range of topics and guests. A classic.

Plz Advise

Molly McAleer of HelloGiggles fame made this podcast as a way of connecting with fans in a very intimate way: callers leave messages with their problems and McAleer responds on the show with sometimes brutal but always entertaining advice. Pulling from her experiences as well as the experiences of her weekly guests, this one never gets old.

Left Right Center

This podcast features three hosts from different areas on the political spectrum: left, right, and center. As we enter the Trump era this pod has become increasingly interesting, but I’m most appreciative of how everyone manages to get their points across without yelling at one another or becoming aggressive.

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