Versailles Baby

I’ve been spending a lot of time at Versailles lately.Every time someone comes into town to visit, I end up at Versailles at some point or another. I’m beginning to know the place up and down. The first time I went I tried to shoot mostly in manual, but couldn’t do anything outside because the pictures were continuously overexposed. The next time I ended up at Versailles I had a lens filter which made shooting in manual at all times much easier.

These first pictures are a mix of manual and automatic:

dsc_0418j dsc_0423 dsc_0461 dsc_0496 dsc_0542 dsc_0568 dsc_0616 dsc_0666 dsc_0683 dsc_0715 dsc_0779 dsc_0790 dsc_0843 dsc_0850 dsc_0873 dsc_0881 dsc_0893

These ones were taken the next time I went with a lens filter.

dsc_0432 dsc_0396 dsc_0451 dsc_0457 dsc_0429 dsc_0430 dsc_0431

dsc_0323 dsc_0408dsc_0254

dsc_0255 dsc_0168 dsc_0170 dsc_0176 dsc_0241 dsc_0253 dsc_0238

dsc_0159 dsc_0131

The differences may not be visible to some, but for the person taking the picture I’d compare it to driving an automatic vs. driving a stick. You get more control and precision with the manual, can’t wait to see what I can do with my photos now!

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