Dublin: Day 1

Our first day in Dublin was a full one. We arrived early in the morning, dropped our bags off at the hostel, and set out to explore the city. First stop was the Irish Museum of Modern Art, because entry just so happened to be free on Tuesdays. Although the museum itself was tiny, it was really cool. There was an exhibition about Palestine and books written in Arabic which was very interesting.

After the museum we headed to the Brazen head, the oldest pub in Ireland. It was so small and cute, we absolutely loved it. We grabbed some lunch and a beer and just enjoyed the atmosphere for a while.

After that, we had a little walk around the city, mostly in the Temple Bar area.

Our last stop for the day was Kilmainham Gaol (pronounced “jail”) which is a jail in central Dublin that held many political prisoners and Irish revolutionaries. The jail itself is beautiful, which feels inappropriate considering what it was used for. The large open atrium room with surrounding cells is absolutely amazing to see.

So there’s that! First day in Dublin down, three to go!

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