The One with the Leather Pants

Anytime I think of leather pants I think of “Friends”.You know the one I’m talking about. The one where Ross’ New Year’s Resolution is to be more adventurous and he decides a great way to do this is to get some leather pants. It doesn’t end well.

I found these pants at a vintage store in the one euro bin. You basically have to dig until you find something and I got lucky this time. Thus far, life with leather pants has not been as hard as Ross made it seem.

I had to edit them slightly because as usual, they were entirely too long for me. The indentation from the previous wearer’s knees is about mid-calf on my legs.

I will probably edit them further and make them a little skinnier, but here they’re fine.

I wore them with some Converse for a kind of 50s look (the cropped pant really makes it evident).

On top we’ve got a t-shirt and denim jacket, topped off with an inside out vest. I wanted to go with all black so I flipped the embroidered outer part of the jacket to the inside and used the furry inside as the outer part. Double your closet by wearing clothes inside out!

Thanks for reading!

On me:

Pants: vintage, similar here

Jacket: H&M (old), similar here

T-shirt: vintage, similar here

Vest: Antik Batik (vintage), similar here

Shoes: Converse, similar here

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