Project #NeverNew

I’m going on a clothing adventure. I recently sat down and took a good look at my closet. I saw the things I reach for every day, the garments that go lower in the drawer every time I open them, and the items I forgot I even owned. I came away with a few realizations, the first being that I really need to focus some energy on the 30% of my wardrobe that I tend to forget about. The other realization was that those pieces that I tended to reach for the most were either my basics or my vintage/one of a kind items.

The past few months I’ve fallen into a bit of a vintage hole. Growing up in Indianapolis, good vintage was hard to come by. Moving to Florence, good vintage was available but was also insanely overpriced. I could walk out of Zara having paid 40 euros for two items, while those same 40 euros would only have afforded me one pair of old jeans from the vintage stores. When I got to Paris, everything changed. It took me a while to find all of the vintage stores that I now frequent, but the wait was worth it. The more I vintage shopped, the more I fell in love, and the more I populated my closet with inexpensive but absolutely priceless vintage items. The benefits seemed endless! Shopping vintage was less expensive, more fun, offered individuality, and was better for the environment. All good things.

So, as I sat here looking at my tiny closet, I began to wonder. What if I only shopped vintage/thrifted for a whole year? What if the only things that I purchased were gently and artfully worn? I had seen people do “capsule wardrobe” experiments before, and I wondered if I could do the same thing with vintage clothing, hence Project #NeverNew. Starting May 1st, I will stop buying clothing new for one year. One WHOLE year. Here are the rules:

  • All clothing must be thrifted, vintage, or made by me. Nothing “new” can be bought.
  • Shoes are exempt. I’m not putting my feet into shoes that someone else has worn. Das gross.
  • Thrifted items can be altered.

And that’s it. Simple and straightforward, Project #NeverNew is going to make for an interesting year. Follow along here on the blog as well as on Instagram and Twitter!

2 thoughts on “Project #NeverNew

  1. I thrifted with Anna in Paris and came home with a very expensive pair of motorcycle pants for 25 euro. Also, a killer leather jacket for 20 euro. Yay for clothing recyclers!

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