This vintage thing is working out AMAZINGLY so far. I found a bomb pair of Current/Elliott jeans at Chinemachine for only 5 euros. FIVE. Not only was I surprised to find such a cult US brand in a thrift store in Paris, I was even more surprised that they were five euros. They just so happened to be my size and I was happy to give them a place on my shelf of denim (not even kidding). My top is vintage from a designer called Patty Shelabarger. I couldn’t find much info on her, but apparently she showed at Milan for a few seasons. I want to place this top somewhere in the 70s on the vintage spectrum (hello collar), but I’m not entirely convinced as some of her most recent shows were in 2002. Regardless, this top is an absolute gem.

I paired the two together for Sunday brunch at my favorite bakery. Because it was such a low-key outing, I threw on my Supergas for comfort. Good clothes, good food, good company; what more can a girl ask for?


On me:

Jeans: thrifted Current/Elliott, similar here

Top: vintage Patty Shelabarger, similar here

Sneakers: Superga, here

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