Tra Arte e Moda

Is fashion art?
 While in Florence I got to see the exhibit, called “Tra Arte e Moda”. The exhibit explores art and fashion and how the two are consistently intertwined. There always seems to be that debate of whether fashion is art or not. In fact, I think that was a question for an entrance essay to college. If there was any doubt left in anyone’s mind, this exhibit surely should have assuaged it.

My favorite pieces from the exhibit were an Elsa Schiaparelli jacket and a dress she made in collaboration with Salvador Dali.The jacket features embroidery in the shape of a face with beads cascading down the arm to mimic the woman’s hair. The dress is a soft silky number, although the print itself is a lot less gentle, as it’s a surrealist interpretation of what skin peeling off of the body might look like.

The entire exhibit is expertly curated, it’s easy to get lost in the clothes and their details. If you’re in Florence it’s worth a visit!

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