A band tee is an essential in any person’s closet. I have been collecting them for about 6 years now, although my collection was drained one summer when I chose to make a t-shirt quilt (still unfinished). When choosing band tees, I have a few rules that I abide by, albeit loosely.

  1. I try to stay away from band tees that have an artists name directly on them. I’m not a walking billboard, I want something a little more nuanced.
  2. In the same vein, I also tend to stay away from tees that have an artist or group’s face directly on them.
  3. If the tee does have a name on it, I usually like it to be more artsy or have interesting graphics.
  4. I HAVE TO ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THAT ARTIST. I’m not gonna walk around with some random artists face on my shirt, that just sets you up for awkward conversation (which I’m already entirely too prone to).

Like I said, these are loose rules. I’m breaking one of them in the very outfit below. There is only one human whose name I would proudly wear emblazoned across my chest: Ryan Adams. Y’all had to have seen that one coming. I chose this shirt because I really liked the graphic of the cat licking his lil paws, and the name “Ryan Adams and the Shining” really has sort of a haunting name.

I paired this tee with a blazer and loafers to add a bit of refinement to an otherwise edgy look. The edge comes in with the lil red bandana around my neck, the ripped jeans, and the super fun printed socks.


On me:

Blazer: Madewell, similar here

Shirt: Ryan Adams, similar here

Jeans: vintage Levi’s (tailored by me), similar here

Socks: & Other Stories, similar here

Loafers: Massimo Dutti, similar here

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