The Skirt

Guys, I finally found a Levi’s skirt. Of course, in a vintage bin. Ever since I started with #ProjectNeverNew, I’ve been finding so many cool things! I think it’s because I don’t feel pulled between newer items and vintage ones. I don’t have to balance the idea of one newer item that is probably cheaply and unethically made against whatever luck I may have on whatever day I go to a vintage shop. Instead, I just know: this is what I’m doing so I’ve got to roll with it.

Anyway, this skirt was a little too early ’00s for me to begin with. low waist and mid thigh. In short: not cute. So. I took my seam ripper and opened up the waistband, added some darts in the back, and then closed the waistband again. Good as new! I had watched a tutorial by WithWendy on youtube a while back that guided me in the editing of the skirt.

To finish off the look, I went with tights underneath because as usual, it was a chilly and rainy day in Paris. I wore a vintage top from Jean-Paul Gaultier’s now defunct ready-to-wear line, which I just absolutely love. It feels like I own a little piece of history, such a find. I topped it all off with some sneakers, a bandana around my neck, and my trusty little Fjallraven backpack. Scroll down for details!



On me:

Skirt: Levi’s (altered by me), similar here

Shirt: Jean-Paul Gaultier, here is a link to other JPG vintage items

Shoes: Veja secondhand, similar here

Bag: Fjallraven Mini Kanken, here

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