The One Euro Bin

Had some great finds from the one euro bin this weekend. I showed up a few minutes after they opened on a rainy Saturday morning. Because both Free”P”Stars are located in the Marais, I expected them to be packed but they were surprisingly quiet. No pushing, no sweating, and no annoyance at my other fellow vintage hunters (I’m talking to you, ladies who spend 20 minutes in one bin. Just MOVE on!).

Anyway, I found a few great little shirts that morning, including this little knit camisole. I put it in with my laundry and came out with a fresh and bright white little addition to my wardrobe. Because it’s a cami, it can be worn with anything, but I feel that the knit texture really takes it from undershirt territory into actual clothing territory. I paired it with vintage Levi’s as well as my favorite souvenir jacket and my Vejas. I’ve been suffering from walking so much lately and these are literally the comfiest shoes I own.


On me:

Cami: vintage, similar here

Jeans: Levi’s vintage (altered by me), similar here

Jacket: vintage souvenir jacket, similar here

Shoes: Veja secondhand, similar here

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