The Weather’s Nice Up Here

How to be tall without the pain of heels? Platforms. When I was younger I loooooved heels. Loved them. I collected them, in a sense, because I owned them but didn’t actually wear them. Where was I supposed to wear them? School? Aside from the odd wedge outing here and there, my collection of shoes remained mostly in my closet. Since then, I’ve adopted mostly flat shoes. They are comfier and definitely easy to walk in on cobblestones, but I do miss the extra height that comes with heels.

Enter: the platform. Height without the pain of heels, such a novel idea. These Isabel Marants were a resale find, and thank thank god because they’re amazing. Literally, amazing. Wooden sole, leather straps, and classic gold hardware make for a great shoe.

I paired them with some old jeans (as usual), a bodysuit, and a flowy kimono robe thing.


On me:

Sandals: Isabel Marant, similar here

Jeans: vintage Levi’s altered by me, similar here

Bodysuit: Zara, love this one by The Line by K

Kimono: old via Nordstrom Rack, similar here

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