Ride the Wave #2

Things I found while surfing the internet this week.

Numero 1: These photographs or beautiful empty movie theaters in Italy. They feel calm and haunting at the same time, it is so different to see a place that’s meant to be populated in an completely empty state.

Numero 2: Levi’s has been releasing videos over the past few months about their history that are really really good. You can find them on their youtube channel, but this one with musicians about the connection between denim and music is great. People like Snoop Dogg and Solange talk about the beauty of the 501 and how it has impacted them and their work.

Numero 3: Awesome drone photos of Hong Kong. When I look at them I feel like this is what I would see if I zoomed in on my camera’s SD card. So symmetrical and tech-y looking.

Numero 4: Embroidery is so hot right now so these offbeat works done by artist Sheena Liam are great. She embroiders the shape of a person and then uses thread to represent the hair. The fact that they’re all enclosed within the embroidery hoop is the icing on the cake for me, it’s like a functional and aesthetic frame.

Numero 5: And finally, how to wear cutoffs like an Olsen. They are jean-iuses when it comes to shorts. Their relaxed summer vibes are ever so covetable, these pictures help you to replicate the look.

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