Ride the Wave #3

Things I found while surfing the internet this week.

Numero 1: Liz Climo’s funny and adorable comics. They’re so simple in concept and execution but they just make me smile, and sometimes that’s all you can ask for.

Numero 2: Vestments announced this week that they will no longer participate in the traditional fashion weeks, opting instead for showrooms. Coming from a brand that’s already known for toeing the line, this isn’t a super surprising announcement, but it does break from the norm. They will instead release and create things when there is “a time and a need,” making it easier for the founders to enjoy what they do and not get stuck in an endless fashion cycle of sorts. What are your thoughts on this departure?


Numero 3: This great video that offers an explanation of medieval illuminated books and their margins, often decorated with images of people fighting…snails?


Numero 4: These beautiful beautiful bags by Wai Wai. I never thought I would love a bag that combines straw and plexiglass rainbows, yet here we are. They’re so joyful in such a simple way, exactly the way I like it. One easy to bring a punch to your outfit (and wallet).

Numero 5: This amazing modern house with a wraparound pool. Living in a midcentury modern house and watching Mad Men are a few of the things that influenced my housing and design aesthetics. Basically, if it’s airy, white, and simultaneously structural and soft I will want to live in it (and it’s not a coincidence that that’s basically the description of a marshmallow). This one is a modern architecture lover’s dream, complete with a wraparound pool. My only hope is that they’ll take denim as payment.




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