Ride the Wave #4

Things I found while surfing the internet this week.

Numero 1 – Sergio Martinez’s oil paintings. They’re full of movement and intrigue, telling a story while simultaneously prompting the viewer to craft their own.

Numero 2 – Gordon Parks’ beautiful photos, documenting injustice and marginalization in the United States. Although taken decades ago, the photos still resonate, especially in the current political and social climate.

Numero 3 – Fl√≥ra Borsi’s photo manipulations. Her newest project places photos of 19th century immigrants in modern day New York and is meant to comment on the difficulties that immigrants faced and continue to face.

Numero 4 – Famed artist Jenny Holzer recently ¬†collaborated with Off-White at their Spring 2018 Men’s fashion show in Florence. In honor of her work with the brand, Dazed revisited some of her most famous works. Worth a read.

Numero 5 – The Library of Congress has made more than 2500 Japanese woodblock prints available to the public for download. Ever since I saw the Ukiyo-E exhibit in Brussels last fall, I’ve had a deeper appreciation for Japanese woodblock printing. These images are so beautiful, so it’s amazing to be able to have them in the public domain in high-res for viewing whenever.

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