Gold and Silver

I’ve spent a long time debating between silver and gold. Generally I am drawn to silver, but my best friend prefers gold. When I started acquiring jewelry I got mostly silver, but the occasional gold piece crept into the lineup. I was always told that mixing the two was a “no-no”, but I kept finding great pieces that incorporated the two. Gradually I began to wear the two together, anchored by a few key pieces that were made of both gold and silver. Since then it has become easier, but certain pieces really help make the look, like these shoes.

Done in black with silver and gold studs, they add some drama to any outfit. For this look, I went with a kimono, jeans, and a bodysuit. Perfect for relaxed day of wandering Paris.



On me:

Sandals: Maje, similar herehere

Jeans: vintage Levi’s (altered by me), similar here

Kimono: vintage, similar here

Bodysuit: Zara, similar here

Bag: Madewell, here

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