Ride the Wave #5

Things I found while surfing the internet this week.

Numero 1 – Christophe Rihet is a photographer who recently released a collection of photos documenting the “dying places” of Hollywood stars. These are simply framed landscape photos, but the history behind the locations are what make them incredibly haunting. The hairpin turn where Grace Kelly’s car took an unfortunate dive, the road away from LA where James Dean met his fate, or the country road in upstate New York where Jackson Pollock was involved in his single-car accident.

Numero 2 – The story behind the iconic Migrant Mother photo from the Great Depression. I think the thing that surprised me most in this article was that she was only 32.

Numero 3 – Lucinda Chambers’ piece for Vestoj. Her commentary on the fashion industry is ruffling some feathers, but it’s a great read because it’s so revealing and raw.

Numero 4 – Balenciaga and their $3000 bike. I have no words.

Numero 5 – Miu Miu Cruise 2018. I absolutely loved it. SOOOO kitschy but there are still quite a few wearable pieces for us normal humans.

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